Do you deliver every image you shoot?


No, I do not. I will eliminate duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions and other images that may dilute the overall product delivery. For example, because I shoot with low apertures, sometimes a few extra shots are taken to make sure the perfect focus is captured. Candid laughs and emotional tears are some of the best images from the day. Unfortunately, they can also yield some unflattering facial expressions. I might snap a few extras of any of these moments to make sure I have a great shot with the ideal expression for the moment. 





Do you do destination weddings?


Yes! Although 1828 Collective is based out of Winston-Salem NC, I am available to travel to shoot your special day. Travel fees and accommodations will be considered in the final price for your wedding package.

Do you provide partial day coverage?



In certain situations, yes. I prefer to shoot for at least 4-5 hours to capture your wedding without needing to cram as much as possible within a small timeframe. I usually offer this as a budget solution to clients who are looking to save where they can on the wedding. Contact me if this is an option you're interested in and we can talk out the details. 





Do you provide a contract?


Yes! I'll be happy to show you what my standard contract looks like, and you will be able to thoroughly review your own specific contract before you sign or pay. 





What do you do if you become injured/sick and can't shoot?


There are two possibilities in this situation, both of which are explained in my contract. The first is that I will make every effort to find a suitable replacement. I have a wide acquaintance with the talented and dedicated photography community in my area, and I am confident that I could find a replacement who would do an excellent job. The second option is: if you don't wish me to find a replacement, I will refund your payment so that you can make alternate arrangements. 





Reach out! I'd be happy to talk about your situation and discuss options for you.​