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Winterland Wedding in Highlands NC | Old Edwards Inn Winter White Wedding | Snowed in Weekend

Lynn and Tate's wedding was one I'll never forget and full of magic from start to finish. Days before the wedding we were told a blizzard was coming through town the night before the wedding and it wasn't going to stop snowing for two days. The blizzard delivered the most beautiful backdrop for the couple's dream wedding. I had two favorite moments of the day you'll see at the end of this gallery. The first was Lynn changing into her reception dress before we snuck outside for some incredibly fun snowy night portraits. My second favorite was when Tate and Lynn left themselves a voicemail on their guestbook phone to listen to after the honeymoon (check out After the Tone if you're interested).

How they met, told by Lynn:

Tate and I met on Bumble. We texted for two months before we ever met due to me being busy with work (I was working nights when we matched) and him being busy being a dad, it was hard for our schedules to align. We finally found a Sunday that worked for both of us to meet for dinner at a local restaurant/brewery. During dinner, Tate reached out and caught an elderly lady who tripped and prevented her from falling. Later in the evening her son came by our table and thanked us. When it was time for the bill to come the man had covered our meal! We went for drinks after and the conversation flowed so easily, It wasn't awkward til time to leave the date. Do you hug? Wave? Just walk away? Well if you're Tate, you say "talk to you later" and hold your hand out for a fist bump! The epic fist bump is an ongoing joke between us!

The Proposal:

We went for a hike to Sunset Rock in Highlands, NC (the same town where we got married!). When we got there it was sort of cloudy and there wasn't much of a sunset plus there were tons of people so Tate got too nervous to ask in front of everyone. As we were leaving he asked if I wanted to just walk over and see sunrise rock which was right across on the opposite viewpoint. Of course, there was no one at SunRISE rock at sunset so we started talking about how happy we were to have each other in our lives. While Tate was telling me how much I meant to him he got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and told me he was excited to spend our lives together. I said yes (we're not sure if he officially asked?) and we hiked back down the mountain and had a nice dinner together.

Wedding Vendors:

Venue: Old Edwards Inn

Planning/Coordination: Katie Brooks Event Co

Hair + Makeup: Flawless Airbrush

Florals: Dream Events By Daria

Catering: Old Edwards Inn


Bridal Shop: Coastal Knot Raleigh

Invitations: Minted

Groom's Attire: New York Bride and Groom

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