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Colorful Boho Backyard Wedding In Raleigh, NC

How they met, told by Joe:

We met the weekend after I moved to North Carolina. Andrea, who had been living in North Carolina for a couple of years at that point, was having a night out with some of her friends. One of her friends had been talking about how I just moved into town from Arkansas and was coming to join their get-together. Andrea didn't think much of it (according to her, my Instagram pictures were of below-average quality and not very recent) and went about the evening playing card games and drinking beers.

At roughly 8:30pm that evening, I arrived. Little did Andrea know, I was aware of Andrea and already had a crush on her. I joined in the card games and that's when the night got into full swing. I won a card game (due to a controversial rule that is still debated to this day!) and that's when Andrea began to wonder more about what this Joe guy was all about. As the night went on, the group of friends all found themselves at karaoke. With renditions of TLC, Britney Spears, No Doubt, Whitney Houston, Fergie, Kanye West, and several more all performed by various members of the friend group, the night of fun came to an end in the early hours of Sunday morning. Everyone parted ways to meet up again soon.

Me and Andrea would bump into each other several more times over the course of the next week or two: Super Bowl party, impromptu hangout sessions with friends, etc. After these run-ins, we got to know each other better. These run-ins turned into making plans like making tacos for dinner on Tuesdays to attending concerts to going out on their first date at M Sushi and finally making it official that we were a couple on April 3rd, 2019.


Photography: 1828 Collective

Planning/Coordination: Southern Veil Weddings

Hair + Makeup: Blissful Muse

Florals: Mood Fleuriste

Catering: SnapPea

Cake: Publix


Dress: White of Raleigh

Groom's Attire: Bunbury Custom Clothiers

Rentals: American Party Rentals

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