• McKenna Hutchinson

{My Wedding} Downtown Winston-Salem, NC

Everyone says their wedding day was the best day of their lives and it absolutely was. From beginning to end the entire day was a dream and I wouldn't want to change a single thing about it.

I've been waiting to post this for weeks since we've gotten all of our wedding photos back from our amazing photographer. Okay let's get into it...

The day started with an early morning breakfast on top of the Kimpton Cardinal Hotel's building, followed by a quick rehearsal at our venue, and then we were quickly ushered to my bridesmaid Amber's apartment inside of the Kimpton's building where all us ladies got ready.

How cute are the babes that helped me get ready for the ceremony?! I had the absolute best group of ladies surrounding me in love and laughter to help settle the wedding nerves. (Not pictured is the 45 minutes spent right before the ceremony where we watched Twilight and I ate an entire tray of fruit while laying out on the sofa)

The boys had way more activities planned for their getting ready portion of the day, starting with some jamming at our venue and then Zack went to his barber shop to cut and style all his groomsmen's hair before they went to get dressed and make last minute alterations (Thanks Stephen!)

Husby's looking so fine...ooh!

I decided to do a first look with my dad in the lobby of the Kimpton Hotel, and it ended up being one of my favorite moments during the wedding day. It was so special to take a quiet moment away from everyone to get to have those tear-jerker minutes with my dad. I seriously still get so emotional even two months later thinking about how sweet and calm this part of the day was.

...And finally some high-fives for not letting the tears run down my face and for making it through the chaos to the ceremony! Let's go!

And *poof* we were married. These moments went so quickly. I remember being so nervous standing outside in the rain because I knew everyone would be looking at me when I walked through the doors. The second we got through the doors and I locked eyes with Zack everything else kind of seemed like a blur. I was down the aisle, our pastor was talking but I couldn't understand any of it, then all of a sudden Zack started repeating after him and I knew I needed to sharpen up quick because my turn was coming soon!

Seriously, I think in 50 years the things I'll remember best will be the way I felt - so happy. I don't think I've ever smiled that long. We were like giddy little kids and I was so excited to be marrying my best friend.

Something most people didn't know was that Zack had surprised me with the song I walked down the aisle to! I had mentioned to him when we started dating over two years ago what a favorite song of mine was, and he completely caught me off my feet when I was walking down the aisle and heard a recording of Zack playing an instrumental version of that song. I will cry on cue every time I hear him playing that song in our office now.

We went immediately from our ceremony to doing our photos, and I am so glad we did because it gave us a perfect 45 minutes together to be completely consumed in each other and get to catch our breath and enjoy the first hour of our marriage.

It was so important to me that we grabbed a few shots where this whole thing began. Our first date was right out front of Camino on 4th St., and the amazing employees even gave us some free coffee to help us celebrate!

*Also* I will always recommend you walk around in public flaunting your wedding attire. It was so much fun hearing people shouting at us from across the street everywhere we went.

Our venue at Footnote was so beautiful we didn't need much decor. We booked it only weeks after they opened and I couldn't have been happier with the space. I think the craziest thing was how many times I heard my name with "Hutchinson" at the end. I still find myself signing my maiden name more often than not...oops!

Okay so this is where Zack scored some major wedding points. Remember when him and his groomsmen were "jamming" the morning of the wedding? Come to find out - there was yet another surprise he had planned for me! Zack got together with his groomsmen to preform three different songs for me...so so so memorable.

We almost opted to skip out of the first dance tradition and go straight for the cake just because we rank pretty low on the dance skills scale and didn't want to spend 10 minutes showing our guests exactly how bad we could be at it. A few weeks before the wedding we decided to say "screw it" and kept the tradition and we are so glad we did!

It gave our parents a moment with us and is one of those iconic wedding moments I know we would have regretted not doing. The dancing wasn't so awkward either. If you just keep it to a normal sway, you can convince people you're slightly coordinated.

You can absolutely believe we served our guests donuts at our wedding! It only seemed fitting considering the amount of donuts we used to eat when we started dating. Let me tell you - when people say you gain "happy weight" in a relationship they are absolutely correct #WorthIt. We also had an amazing cake topper made by Zack's stepmom so we got to cut into an actual cake (that tasted killer!)

One of the more unique parts of our wedding was that the majority of our friends are musicians, so instead of traditional toasts we asked that our friends played a few songs during our reception. Everyone did something so different and special it was such a sweet way for them to be more expressive on our wedding day.

Our exit was pretty normal with the sparklers - but the car was crazy cool. Zack could tell you better what it was but all I can tell you is it was a sick vintage navy mustang with stripes and made us feel super fancy.

I wish I could go through our wedding day like once a month. It was such a special day and we were surrounded by nothing but love the entire time we couldn't have asked for a better wedding to remember.


The amazing people that made it happen:

Venue: Footnote Coffee and Cocktails

Flowers: Santara Flowers

Hair: Hair by Casey (at the Parlor on 4th St)

Dress: Pronovias

Suit: Indochino

Photographer: Kyle Duncan Photo

Best Man/Maid of Honor: Gray and Crystal Steadman *seriously they made it all magic!*